First Time At A Dine-In Movie Theater? Here Are 5 Tips To Make the Night Awesome

The new, cool thing happening in the movie theater world is the offering of gourmet food options (even craft beer brewed on site) to the movie-going public. Take a bit of time to let that sink in. You mind may only allow you to utter broken words like, “Served food in movie theater” because you’re so excited. Excitement-induced grammatical mistakes aside, the movie experience has changed for the best.

As with anything new, though, you might not be sure how to approach this new, chic stylization of the celluloid experience. If you’ve never been to a dine-in theater, you can be a little overwhelmed. After all, you’ve been used to overly salty pop-corn, chalky candy, and soda. Don’t be afraid, though, and take comfort in the following tips. You can use the following five ‘hacks’ to help make your first trip to a dine-in theater near you more enjoyable:

1. Remember you have options – Again, because dine-in theaters are becoming more available, it means you have options. Consumers win out because they have choices, and as such, competition creates an atmosphere of excellence in order for businesses to succeed. Do some research and see what each theater has to offer in order to find one that fits you best. You can even look up menus ahead of time.

2. Choose a movie you think you’ll like – This seems easy enough, but in a dine-in theater setting, you’re in a setting that makes it harder to just get up and leave. Depending on how payment is handled for your meal, you may have to stick around for the whole movie. Not only is payment a possible issue, but you don’t want to interfere with everyone else’s experience.

3. Get to the theater a little early – Getting to the theater a little earlier makes it easier to read your menu and find a good spot for watching the movie. Think of it as insurance to having a good time. It’s also good decorum because it keeps you from being a nuisance to others.

4. Avoid watching a movie when it opens – Seeing a movie when it comes out can be a blast, but keep in mind that a lot more people may be just as excited to see the same film. The larger crowd can be a deal breaker.

5. Keep your order simple – Even though dine-in theaters aim to please everyone and make for an over-the-top movie experience, you want to test the waters by starting simple. It may be a good litmus test for how well they can handle the little things.

If you happen to be a newly minted “served food in movie theater” patron (again, let that sink in), hang on to these hacks, and you’ll be sure to start your dine-in theater experience on a positive note.

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